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Shopi is your seatmate on Omnichannel retailing journey as it provides you the tools you need to have a fully digital and omnichannel retail business.

To turn your business goals into a successful and enduring product, we, at Shopi, work hard and make sure that you have everything you need before the roll out.

  • Integration & Customer Success Services

      Our integration process starts with us finding out about the topology of your systems.

      Afterwards, our UX team conducts a visit to your stores to determine the flow of the processes.

      With an effort to understand the in-store experience and detect the pain points, Shopi plans the whole customer journey together with you. Once the product is deployed, Shopi, offers you net promoter score tests by receiving two-way feedbacks.

  • Training Services

      The most powerful software becoming the most effective one is only possible with the effective users.

      Shopi, accordingly, offers detailed training to both your business and your technical users.

      Empowering your everyday users, means enabling your customers to have a seamless experience and to grow loyalty for your brand.

  • Content Management & Design Services

      Upon request, Shopi can manage your whole content and rich media, organizing and consolidating all your data through our powerful content management dashboard, which empowers you to control content from one panel, on a single platform.

      Offering you the authorisation of editing or designing your own content, Shopi accompanies you through your retail marketing journey.

  • Support Services

      Once Shopi solutions are fully deployed, the platform gets constantly updated and improved to give the best service possible.

      Constant bug fixes and improvements are executed through continues version updates.

      Our 24/7 support services, ensure an immediate attendance to any reported breach of service and appropriate actions are taken promptly to solve the occurring problem.

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