Self Service.

Offer the convenience of self service shopping.

Empower your customers to take control over their own shopping journey with all the perks of being in-store without having to depend on the sales associates at all!

Stores can get too crowded at peak times, or your customers may prefer to self complete their shopping journey without the sales associate interaction.

Shopi’s Self Service solution supported by the Endless Aisle and Self Checkout solutions equip you with everything you need to capture these sales with a smoother experience.

Customers can view detailed product and inventory information on their own, place orders for even items that are not in store and complete their check out on their own.

With Shopi’s Self Service Solution you turn your customers into their own sales associates.

Easy access to digital product catalogue through customer kiosks.

  • Enable your customers to access your digital product catalogue to view items not in the store.
  • Offer them to discover the details of the product on their own such as size, material, technical specification and more.
  • View all the product variations instantaneously to provide a more informed sales experience.
  • Provide recommendations simultaneously.

Real-time inventory information.

  • Give central access to inventory information of any item regardless of its storage location.
  • Show what is available in-store and what is not.
  • Display availabilities in other stores and the headquarters.

Order any item including the ones not in store.

  • Order items presently out of in-store stock.
  • Have orders delivered to customers' address or any other store of choice for pick up.
  • Manage mixed baskets.

Self check-out.

  • Let customers pay for their orders right there in front of the kiosk.
  • Present different payment methods.
  • Customers can walk out of the store by completing the check out on their cell phones via an SMS message that gets sent to them.

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