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Get Insight, now.

Your smart data and content dashboard, especially designed for business teams at HQ.

Enlighten your marketing and sales departments with detailed in-store data.

Help them make calculated decisions while they control content, manage branding and monitor usage.

With Connect, bring all the interactions in the store to your headquarters and get a complete view of your customers for better insights.

Data Analytics.

Instantly accessible and readily actionable data

Create customized dashboards and reports with quick access to specified metrics and hierarchies.

  • Monitor & Analyze data and KPIs.
  • Obtain rich insight & high-power decision making process.
  • Determine bestsellers & cross-selling occasions.
  • Create relevant marketing & retargeting strategies.
Data Analytics


One gateway to monitor every location

Ensure your systems, services, and infrastructure are up and running to make the most out of Shopi’s offerings for better customer experiences.

  • Get notified of down or not updated devices.
  • Take immediate action.
  • Track utilization.

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Centralized Product Catalog.

Administration portal to update all product information

Organize, standardize and publish all your product data across each sales channel with our sleek administration portal, Connect. Keep products, orders, payments, inventory, discounts, and more under your control.

  • Create an upgraded,
    consistent product information.
  • Add or delete items.
  • Change photos, videos and product
    info when needed.
  • Upload relevant product content.
Centralized Product Catalog
Task Management

Task Management.

Easy task management for sales teams

Communicate and collaborate with your sales team through a single gateway. Assign tasks and trainings for each sales associate based on their individual needs and qualifications in addition to standardized trainings for the entire team.

  • Assign tasks and trainings.
  • Identify targets and measure performance towards targets.
  • Equip sales associates with accessible training.
  • Make announcements.

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