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Robust and flexible backbone where the magic happens.

Deliver seamless customer experiences and stimulate authentic engagement with
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with cloud.

Its robust and flexible middleware is specifically designed to adapt your business needs.

The Omnichannel Platform powered by Cloud, centralizes commerce experiences, data exchange and workflows. Thanks to our unified layer, you can reach real-time data you need in the blink of an eye.

  • Order Orchestration Engine
  • Unified Data Management
  • Integration Hub
Order Orchestration Engine

Orchestration Engine.

Orchestrate and organize workflow, stock, shipment, CRM and all other relevant systems to deliver a complete fulfillment process with our Omnichannel Cloud right from the instant the customers place their orders.

Coordinate and fulfill orders faster, at a lower cost as you get visibility of your inventory across your entire network of distribution centers and stores.

Manage and monitor entire omnichannel order and fulfillment processes.
Automate task assignment and activities based on triggers and workflow set up.
Connect in-store & online check-out systems, display combined baskets at the shopping cart.
Unified Data Management

Unified Data

Unify all data coming from various data silos including ERP, E-commerce, Inventory, CRM, payment legacies and other systems that are connected to physical and digital commerce spaces.

This way you can organize and distribute the entire range of data to the frontend facing solutions such as Assist, Sign and Connect to collect, update, access, use and manage everything from a single touchpoint.

  • Access product info, inventory and location information, process product data from multiple systems into a single view.
  • Analyze all sorts of data pouring from multiple channels in a single view to make powerful recommendations more easily.
  • Assign and control the targets and budget, set sales objectives and more based on regions, stores and store associate.
  • Always up-to-date, scalable and secure.
  • Facilitate the omnichannel customer experience by easy and efficient flow of data.

Integration Hub.

We work with your existing technology ecosystems

Collect, organize, enhance and synchronize data between scattered customer legacies and its own database to make the data accessible to in-store and digital end users via various end-points enabled by the Integration layer of the Omnichannel Retailing Platform.

With pre-built connectors, integrate to any retail system (including ERP, CRM and Warehouse systems) operating both ways, surface real-time data to power new customers.

  • Endless aisle
  • Clienteling
  • Customer communication
  • Order history
  • Analytics
  • Fulfillment
  • Google feed
  • Mobile Checkout / mPOS
  • Follow ups, activities and events
  • Omnichannel availability & inventory
  • Rich media catalog
  • Campaign Management
  • E-commerce
  • Store services/feed/location

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