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Arm your sales team.

The mobile app to empower your sales associates.

Equip your sales associates with ultimate app to provide superior shopper experience. Bring all the essential information needed, in order to deliver a seamless customer experience to store associates fingertips.

Upsell and cross-sell is now easier than ever as Assist app prompts your sales associates with personalized recommendations for each customer.

This way, you get to delight your customers with a smooth and enriched journey. You win with increased sales productivity, customer satisfaction and conversion rates, while your customers win with superior customer experience.

Endless Aisle.

Offer more, sell more

Empower your store associates to display and sell products that are not presently in the store stock. This way, you can now fill the gap between your customers’ expectations and delivery.

  • No more missed sales due to physically
    unavailable items.
  • Photos, videos and other media to
    enrich your product catalog.
  • Easy access to full product inventory.

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Endless Aisle


Bond with your customers

Activate a real personalized shopper experience with associates who know and recognize their customers thanks to the clienteling features.

All data about customer preferences, behaviours and purchases can be accessible by your store associates immediately helping them connect closely with their customers.

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Clienteling Clienteling
360 degrees customer knowledge and insight.
Guide customers to benefit from in-store and online offers.
One-to-one communication with your customer with extensive service.
Manage your customers with black book.


Effective, fast check-out

Turn orders into completed transactions right there in the aisle with Assist’s highly converting checkout funnel and mobile POS.

Say goodbye to long cash lines in the store, one of the main reasons for shoppers to step out from the store without purchasing.

  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Effortless checkout.
  • Line busting.
  • Time saving.

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Store Fulfillment.

Sell from the most optimized inventory possible

Fulfill orders, placed on any channel, from the most optimal stock available - whether that is the current store stock, other stores's stock, warehouse or even e-commerce stock.

  • Instant stock checking.
  • Order orchestration.
  • Fast & smart order options.
  • Notifications for pick-up and delivery times.

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Store Fulfillment

Internal Communication.

Instant interaction with your frontline sales team
Internal Communication

Enable your HQ and store managers to facilitate collaboration, training, communication and planning with Assist’s easy to use communication interfaces.

  • Keep track of store associates’ performances.
  • Assign tasks, objectives and trainings.
  • Let store associates plan their own roadmaps.
  • Send NPS survey to customers to evaluate store associates’ performances.

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Efficient collaboration,
uninterrupted shopping experience

Deliver a seamless shopping experience without any interruption. Have your sales team help each other out in fetching the items from the stock.

  • Deliver an uninterrupted customer experience.
  • Encourage collaboration amongst your sales team.
  • Close sales without losing your customers’ interest.

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