Internal Communication.

Simple formula to increase efficiency: Keep communication alive!

Communicate more efficiently with your sales associates from the headquarters.

Keeping every sales associate aligned and up to date with the headquarters is almost impossible. Or, at least, it used to be.

Shopi’s internal communication solution paves a powerful connection from your headquarters to your store associates.

In addition to communicating with them one-to-one, assigning tasks and giving assignments, you can make announcements, celebrate their new year and share acknowledgements through our solution without any additional effort.

Alignment & Synchronisation.

  • Have your entire staff connected with the HQ without having to forgo mobility.
  • Communicate with your sales team one-to-one, or all of them all at once.
  • Assign tasks, objectives and trainings.

Share the most recent news.

  • Keep your staff updated with company achievements, new developments, changes and announcements with the company newsfeed.
  • Acknowledge their success and share them with the entire staff.
  • Let them share their experiences, thoughts and opinions.

Guidance with document sharing.

  • Send documents such as photos, videos and floor plans to support visual merchandising.
  • Distribute shift schedules and incorporate necessary changes immediately.

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