Unifree has enabled an “order online and purchase offline” operation and is holding the key to the new generation customer experience by Shopi Retail’s Pay and Collect Solution.

Unifree, in partnership with Heinemann is now operating the duty free stores at the Istanbul Airport, the world’s largest airport to be.

The brand is offering ‘’Pay and Collect’’ service to the travellers who have limited time and who have to travel as fast as possible. Those who will be travelling through Istanbul Airport, can now pre-order the products they desire to purchase via web or via kiosk located in the lounges, pick them up easily at the duty free pick-up points and move on with their travel plans without losing any time.

Shopi “Pay and Collect” solution enables in advance ordering and organizes the order management and delivery processes taking place at the back of the operation.

Duty free shoppers no longer have to battle for choosing the right product and buying it in a short period of time thanks to Shopi Retail solutions that Unifree is utilizing online and offline.

Shopi has provided Unifree, the services of Cloud, Catalog, web-commerce, fulfillment and order management which lead the brand to supply and manage the delivery of the pre-ordered products in the stock. Moreover, Unifree can now take the advantage of Shopi retail Platform by using its handy monitoring and analytics dashboard to determine the performance of products and estimate the quantities they need to fulfill these demands.

Empowering the duty free shops, decreasing the amount of missed sales, satisfying the travellers who need to shop quickly and enhancing customer engagement, Unifree has stepped into the realm of next generation retail..