E-bebek offers ‘Endless Aisle’ experience to its store associates and its customers

As part of the E-bebek & Shopi collaboration, 130 Sign applications were deployed on interactive touch screens in 50 cities across Turkey. In this prestigious digital transformation project, our self-service Sign solution is helping sales staff become more knowledgeable and effective in selling and also empowering customers to quickly access to product info throughout their journey within the stores.

By placing interactive screens equipped with Sign in its entire store network, e-bebek is now able to connect its customers with a digital catalog enabling them with real-time stock information, cross sell alternatives, and complete product info as well as product details, reviews, and rich media.

Sign screens are effectively located next to strollers, highchairs and beds, products that hold up a lot of stock space. This placement is likely to enable e-bebek, not to spare too much stock space for those categories and instead directing customers to the screens for purchasing and thus increasing “square meter” efficiency.

Ebebek will also have the opportunity to monitor store data, such as most browsed categories, most popular products as well as to understand which stores are creating the most engagement. This data can be used as actionable strategic insights.

Sales associates and ebebek customers who are already digital savvy are welcoming digitalization of their favorite stores.