Establish long lasting relationships with your customers in and out of the store.

Build and sustain relationships with your customers for a
genuine shopping experience,
by personalized communication.

Shopi’s Clienteling solution allows your sales associates to be equipped with extensive customer information including their past purchases, personal preferences, shopping habits, open baskets and more.

Thus, your customers are no longer anonymous people to be treated in a standardized way but individuals who walk into your store with real histories, needs and desires.

This way, your sales associates get to understand your customers in a deeper level and build the relationship on a more robust ground.

And as they carry this connection beyond the store via personalized messages, the relationship does not only become strong and sustainable but also genuine.

Understand your customer.

  • Access the full profile of your customer made up of their online and in-store shopping footprint and enriched with CRM data.
  • See past purchases, preferences, shopping frequency.
  • Track browsing history, open baskets.
  • Provide more personalized recommendations based on customer profile.
  • Capture cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Communicate with your customer on a personalized level.

  • Contact your customers through the clienteling tools using text messages, whatsapp or e-mail.
  • Notify your customers when the item they've been seeking gets in stocks either online or in-store.
  • Inform them about online and in-store campaigns that suit their needs the best.
  • Set reminders for next for follow-ups, coming events, customer birthdays.
  • As you pursue the relationship on the app, improve the customer profile with increased inputs.

Manage your customer.

  • Classify your VIP customers in the black book for a close up look.
  • Set alarms for important dates such as their birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Follow up on post purchase to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Invite them to store for specific new arrivals that appeal to their tastes.

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