Retail Industry

Three Keys to Omnichannel Utopia

If you have ever made a purchase after browsing on your smartphone only to learn that the store you are standing in does not stock that item, you will relate to how frustrating a non-omnichannel retail experience can be In 2019, while 73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey, only 7% shopped […]

Key Omnichannel Solutions for success in 2019

Industry leaders state that currently an impressive 86% of retail sales in the US take place in brick and mortar store (1). The consumer of 2019 is more technologically enabled than ever before. 53 % of these sales are digitally influenced (1). This means that the average consumer is shopping with mobile device in hand. […]

What will 2019 mean for retailers?

Brick and Mortar stores continue to hold their own in the retail world. Statistics indicate that far from abandoning physical retail stores, they are seen as complimentary to other channels. 2019 will be a year of competition, not between retail channels, but between retailers using these channels. Retailers who can think digital-first and employ digital […]

Digitalize Your Transactions: End queuing forever because it is hurting your business more than you realize

So the story goes that in the years during the skyscraper construction boom in New York, USA, People were struggling to adjust to climbing to higher floors than ever before. Interestingly, the distance was not the problem. The wave of complaints centered around either the delay encountered before entering the elevator or the time taken […]

Shopping, a Mix of Emotions and Expectations

We do miss “mom and pop” stores for sure. We miss the emotions they triggered, we miss the experience, we miss the fact that there were once places that knew who we were, what we liked, what kind of ice cream flavor we preferred. The times have changed, so have the stores and so have […]