How to Turn Physical Stores into Profit Centers

Retail store spaces’ roles have been changing for good regarding how store associates are positioned, how each square meter is used, and what to achieve out of it. While the outcome retailers expect to get is more or less the same, there are tons of strategies to implement in order to serve best to meet […]

How to Increase Customer Loyalty: High-Quality Omnichannel Data

Retailers have been implementing technologies in almost every step of their organizations to get to have more data to help them run their businesses more efficiently, smoothly, and cost-effectively. However, there are some challenges out of their hands. Even if they acquire technologies to find out the demand, they always need accurate visibility of their […]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Single View of Inventory

Retail processes are already complex enough as retailers should manage the inventory of all sales channels, distribution centers, and warehouses accurately. In order to improve the customer experience and to use the inventory without causing any overstocking and overselling, retailers need real-time visibility of their inventory. It’s nearly impossible to provide a friction-free service when […]

Greyder “Omnichannel” Dünyasına Shopi ile Adım Attı

Geniş ürün yelpazesiyle şıklığı ve konforu bir araya getiren Greyder, uzun yıllardır Türkiye’nin en çok tercih edilen ayakkabı markalarından biri. Ayakkabı severlerin tercihlerini önceliklendirerek hazırladığı koleksiyonlarıyla, kendini konumladığı “casual moda” alanındaki başarısını her geçen gün açtığı yeni satış noktaları ile kanıtlamaya devam ediyor. Neden Shopi? Greyder müşteri alışveriş deneyimini en üst seviyeye taşımak ve operasyondaki […]

Learnings of NRF 2019

Three things we learned from the biggest retailers in the world at NRF; When the CEOs of Target, Macy’s and leaders of Ali Baba come together to discuss the retil world it is worth paying attention. Welcome to National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show held in New York City this past month. The NRF annual […]

Is your store ready for holiday shopping?

The tinsel has been hanging and holiday music playing for some weeks now. However, retailers everywhere are continuing to benefit from a bumper winter holiday shopping season. The US based National Retail Federation reports that sales will be up almost 5% over 2017. When taking into consideration the same increase seen last year, this totals […]