Connected Commerce

Returns Got You Down? Meet Omnichannel Return Technologies

Ecommerce saw significant growth in sales estimated at 39% in the last quarter of 2020. Experts claim it’s the highest growth seen in the last 13 years. The drastic change obviously causes a struggle for retailers who don’t have any online presence or a  strong organizational structure to support an online operation. Lack of the […]

The Era of Merged Omnichannel Store and E-commerce

The shift of consumer spend towards e-commerce has been the major retail headline in 2020, and one of the main implications of this shift is the enhanced role omnichannel has come to play for retailers. In the 2020 timeframe, online retail traffic grew 207% over 2019, Queue-it shows us. However, this data doesn’t mean there […]

5 Tips to Increase Store Efficiency

It’s official, physical stores are here to stay! 2018 statistics confirm that 72% of consumers say that even though they browse online they prefer to make their purchase in physical stores (0). In an omni-channel age there are ways to ensure retailers can provide a pleasant retail experience as consumers look to glide efficiently from […]

Cloud Managed Retail Data: Why happy customers are your greatest sources of learning

“How can I help you?” Ah yes, the yesteryear introduction made by shop assistants in retail outlets for generations. However, in today’s world the thought of cold-approaching customers in this way should cause hairs to stand on end. This time has gone. The customer of 2018 requires, quite rightly, a bespoke experience. An approach by […]

How Connected Commerce Solutions Conquer a Divided Retail World

“The end is nigh” …”The writing is on the wall”…Major companies facing “chapter 11” scenarios…How many idioms have you encountered regarding the fate of brick and mortar retail stores? It seemed inevitable that the last two years would see the decline of physical stores snowball with Armageddon like consequences for the high street. Interestingly this […]