Assisted Selling

The Impact of Mobile Technology on Retail Store Operations

Every retailer envisions the ideal shopping experience to end with customer satisfaction. The picture painted is of a smiling customer entering the store, browsing and selecting products, making the payment, and checking out delighted with the purchase. However, this experience is often plagued with crowded stores, stockouts, inadequate or absent store associates, and perpetually long […]

Why In-Store Technologies Hold the Key to Survival

Change is the name of the game for fast-fashion retailers as they thrive in an ever-changing world of fashion and preferences. These retailers are constantly challenged to maintain high product turnover rates and to cater to their customers in a highly saturated market. These preferences have taken on a whole new meaning as consumers come […]

The Evolution of Store Assistance

94% of all retail transactions are still taking place in brick and mortar stores. Yes, instead of replacing the brick and mortar store, the recent technological landscape changes are not leaving the high street behind. Inclusion of technology on the shop floor is more than just an aesthetic face lift – it is the technological […]

1200 Seconds: Use them wisely

Twelve-hundred seconds. The estimated face to face window of opportunity available for store assistants to assist consumers. From the moment a customer arrives, the grains of sand in the hourglass begin to fall. Enter Troy, our eager shop assistant: Every second Troy uses well will mean that the customer will feel cared for, appreciate product […]